About Us
“We are the watchmen throughout the streets of Babylon, we are not here to compromise with the deeds of wicked men.”

- Proverbs Reggae Band -
PROVERBS REGGAE BAND is a positive unique, rootz reggae band utilizing strong lyrical content and musical expressions to uplift Rasta livity.  Proverbs is the only reggae band in the DC Metropolitan area to maintain the authentic sound of Rasta Roots Reggae Music. Specializing in social consciousness, the band endeavors to promote ancient wisdom through the art of music, thereby, spreading the spiritual message of JAH RASTAFARI through word, power, and sound.  Proverbs Reggae Band offers fans of all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds a brand of MUSICAL POETRY that compels you to get on your feet and dance when the rhythm hits.
The band’s strength is comprised of its diverse members; each bringing a unique gift and experience, thus making Proverbs an eclectic, spiritually, and socially conscious reggae band with a profound cultural base and deep rooted sound.  Their musical influences range from genres such as SKA, ROOTZ REGGAE, GOSPEL, JAZZ, R&B, COMPAZ, ZOUK, SOUL, and a splash of CALYPSO.