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  1. 01 Dec, 2017
    Backstage With Proverbs Reggae Band
    Where Do You See Proverbs Reggae Band in 2018? RAS ZIAH: The whole goal is for our message to really reach the people. That’s my goal, that’s my aim this year to really reach the people. We don’t use our spiritual powers enough as a people. We try to resolve everything, a lot of times, physically. But, you know, if we really let that spirit proceed us, we could always get to the point we’re supposed to be. CONTENT JOHNSON: All I see is higher dimensions. Different atmospheres. The music
  2. 18 Nov, 2017
    NEW ALBUM: "The Healing" is coming
    It's been a long road for the band's sophomore project but FINALLY there's a light at the end of the tunnel. After a few production upgrades and changes in the band's format, Proverbs is ready to give the world some much needed positive vibrations. With fifteen (15) melodic, soul-shaking tracks, "The Healing" is a much anticipated project for the fans, The project is scheduled to be released in February 2018, which will jump start the band's USA tour. Will Proverbs Reggae Band be heading to your
  3. 12 Nov, 2017
    Win A Free CD of the New Album "The Healing"
    Follow PROVERBS REGGAE BAND on Facebook and Instagram for opportunities to win free CDs of the new album, "The Healing."